Professional Home Hair Cutting System

Cut your own hair at home & get professional results! Great for cutting children’s hair, trimming bangs, creating layers, or just maintaining a hairstyle between cuts any time, any place!

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*Important: Original CreaClip is a professional home hair cutting tool as seen on Shark Tank [S7E27] and QVC. No prior hair cutting experience needed, easy to learn with Mai's hair cutting tutorials & usable for all hairtypes. Approved by Shark Tank Investor Lori Greiner & tenthousand's of customers since 2006.

Inventor, Best Selling Author, & Inspirational Speaker

Mai Lieu is the Inventor of the Original CreaClip & Founder of CreaProducts Inc.

Recently featured on ABC’s Show Shark Tank, HSN, & Rachael Ray Show!

She is an award winning celebrity stylist with 20 years experience in the beauty industry.

With over 300 million views on social media she is empowering & inspiring entrepreneurs to follow their dreams!  

Use the CreaClip once and you made back your investment!

The average woman in the U.S visits the hair salon 7 times a year. Each visit costs an average $60.

That’s a total of $420 you can instantly save, not including the hassle and time of driving to and from the salon.

Get the Original CreaClip here with a 30 day money back guarantee and online support with Mai's CreaProducts private Facebook group!

How to cut your children's hair at home!

How cut A-line bob at home

How to cut layered hairstyles

How to choose the right bangs for your face shape

Not everyone can afford to go to the salon.

Do you know why the salon is so expensive?

It's because hairstylists are trained for many hours on how to section and hold the hair properly. The Original CreaClip holds all of the hair in place, that way you can cut it all at once in 60 seconds.

CreaClip makes home hair cuts easy and precise.

It’s so easy. Just Clip, Slide & Cut!

Salons charge a fortune because they have to comb and section the hair many times. This is why it can take an hour to do a haircut.

With CreaClips patented technique it is designed where you clip all the hair at once to cut unlimited hairstyles in just 60 seconds!

Save money without sacrificing the beauty of your hairstyle!

Experience how simple it can be to cut your own hair at home.

Simple to use. Just clip, slide & cut. Perfect every time!

Whether your hair is thick, thin, long, curly or straight, you can create perfect layers in 60 seconds and give yourself a professional cut at home.

Comes with written instructions and video tutorials on our website and YouTube.

Buy the CreaClip risk free. If you're not happy get a 30-day full refund policy. It is also guaranteed against any manufacturing defects.

Save money without sacrificing the beauty of your hairstyle!

Experience how simple it can be to cut your own hair at home.

Simple to use. Just clip, slide, and cut. Perfect every time!

Whether your hair is thick, thin, long, curly or straight, you can create perfect layers in 60 seconds and give yourself a professional cut at home.

Comes with written instructions and video tutorials on our website and YouTube.

Buy the CreaClip risk free. If you're not happy get a 30-day full refund policy. It is also guaranteed against any manufacturing defects.

Start Saving Time & Money at Home Today

Get your CreaClip home haircutting system before your next visit to the salon!

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Verified Customer Review

By Cat lover on March 28, 2018

I watched all the Youtube videos on the Crea Clip and it looked pretty easy to use

II have really thick and coarse hair and I usually trim my own hair because my hairdresser has cut back on her hours so I'm really limited when to see her. Every time I call her, she is booked or has later appointments. Trimming my hair is such a pain, as it is so thick that it usually comes out crooked and uneven after I cut it. I watched all the Youtube videos on the Crea Clip and it looked pretty easy to use, so I ordered one. I was concerned that my hair would be too thick to fit in the crea clip but it actually fit! I used a hair straightener first and cut off a little at a time. It came out perfect and the layers really thinned out my hair and cut off all the damaged ends from coloring. I'm really happy with the Crea Clip as my hair grows fast and I can now trim my ends off frequently,while saving money and not having crooked hair.

Verified Customer Review

By Kristi on March 19, 2018

Works perfect! Highly recommend!

I was skeptical but this exceeded my expectations. Who would've thought that I could finally have a haircut I actually like without feeling like I was chopped and then robbed by a salon. I watched several tutorials on YouTube before I attempted my cut so I would know the best technique to use. I started with clean dry hair, straightened it well with my flat iron first then used electric clippers to get a perfect edge. I trimmed the ends first and then did three sections for layers and created long sideswept bangs. My hair is still long, the dead ends are gone, and my hair is exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend this tool. I'm never getting a salon cut again!

Verified Customer Review

By michelle on February 28, 2018

Finally, a way to get your hair cut when you have kids!

I hadn't cut my long hair in about a year, and I had split ends galore! It's just difficult with a kid and a busy schedule. So I ordered this CreaCip, and I am so happy I did!

Youtube has a TON of short clips showing you how to do different styles with different hair types. I was a bit intimidated, but when I got around to cutting my own hair, it literally only took about 90 seconds. I was amazed. The level is amazing, it really does make sure you're cutting symmetrically! I opted to cut my ends at 45 degree angles for the "softer look", and it really did look like a salon cut with no strays!

I have recommended this to every person I know. I plan on using it on my 3-year old when her time comes as well!

Verified Customer Review

By L. Smith on February 18, 2018

Fast and impressive

This is literally the best $22 I’ve spent in a long time. It arrived in the mail 10 minutes ago. I finished reading the instructions, cutting my daughter’s urchin-like bangs, and cutting my own hair with a long layer cut just before writing this. Seriously... 10 minutes. If you hate paying someone $20 for a mediocre cut or $50 for a good one, I would say that this is somewhere between. Granted, I haven’t flat ironed, preened, or added product, but I’m impressed. It is so fast and honestly better than more than a few salon cuts I have regrettably received. You don’t have to leave the house! You don’t even have to put on pants! It’s awesome.

Verified Customer Review

By Love Amazon on February 26, 2017

Highly Satisfied

I love this although I think this would be a better product if one was made especially for thin hair. I have to work at it a little to get it right since my hair is thin. It is still worth it to me because I hate going to a salon. My favorite hair stylist moved away and others don't listen to how I want my hair. My hair turned out beautifully with this and I'm highly satisfied.

Verified Customer Review

By Hrhbella1 on March 31, 2018

Love these!

I've been cutting my own hair with these tools and I LOVE them!!! You really need to follow directions to get good results. So glad I bought this. Been saving a lot of money and getting the cuts and trims I wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions About CreaClip

Q. What is the CreaClip?
The CreaClip is a award winning hair-cutting guide that you can use at home to cut your own or others’ hair. It is easy to use: Just Clip, Slide and Cut!

Q. Why use the CreaClip?
It is great for cutting children’s hair, cutting layers, and maintaining your bangs! The CreaClip can save you hundreds of dollars and hours per year for the entire family. When you cut your hair at home with the CreaClip, you’re spending pennies per cut, without the hassle of driving and waiting. It’s also perfect for people who are not physically able to go to a salon, if you’ve got a lot of children’s hair to cut, if you need a little trim or maintenance in between cuts or if you simply want to create your own customized style.

Q. I already cut my own hair. How can the CreaClip benefit me?
When cutting your hair at home, it’s hard to cut straight and achieve professional results. You end up cutting more and more to straighten your hair, and before you know it, it’s way too short. With the CreaClip’s rotating leveler, your cuts are balanced every time.

Q. When can I use the CreaClip?
You can use it any time and place that is convenient for you! With the CreaClip, you no longer have to make appointments or travel to get your hair cut. It’s also great for trimming and maintaining between salon haircuts. You can take it with you when you travel for business or pleasure.

Q. How do I use the level?
Simply follow these five steps:
1. Make sure the level is aligned horizontally and straight flush on the body of the CreaClip.
2. Clip on the hair as horizontally straight as you can.
3. Wait a few seconds as he level will adjust it's self.
4. Once the bubble stops, just slightly tilt the clip a little to slowly move the bubble in the middle.
5. If you want to move the bubble to the left tilt clockwise, for right tilt counter clockwise.

Q. Does the level need to be in the middle at all times while cutting?
Once you start cutting you do not need to focus on the bubble being in the middle. The bubble is just a starting reference point. Once have the CreaClip in position, you just need to hold it steady in that approximate position. While cutting, if you happen to move your hand out of position and the bubble moves out of the middle, that's ok. Keep cutting just as long as you are about 80% in it's approximate position and you will get great results. Remember you can always stop and start over if you lose position.

Q. How do I maintain already existing Bangs?
Bangs grow out and need to be trimmed every 3 weeks. This is easy, you don't need to focus on the level. You just need to focus on sliding the CreaClip down, leaving 1/2 inch of hair extended beneath the clip. Take a little each time and you can't mess up. Use the existing bangs as a guide.

Q. Can I use the CreaClip with thick hair?
Yes, even if all of your hair does not fit into the clip at once. For cutting long hair section from ear to ear horizontally, clip the hair away and repeat cutting process twice. For extremely thick hair divide hair horizontally into three sections. For bangs, just divide horizontally into two sections.

Q. Can I use the CreaClip on all hair types?
Yes, you can use it on curly or straight, thick or thin hair. First make sure the hair is combed and free of any tangles. If your hair is really curly, blow dry straight or flat-iron hair before cutting for best results. The unique design flexes to adjust to different thicknesses of hair. If your hair is really thick, divide it into two or three sections, then cut.

Q. Can you use it on wet hair?
Yes you can, but for easier and best results cut on dry hair.

Q. What maintenance is necessary for the CreaClip?
No maintenance is necessary. There are no batteries or assembly needed and you can use it over and over. Just brush hair off the CreaClip after each use. If it's really dirty, a quick rinse with soap and cool water will clean it up. Then air dry it and it should be clean!

Q. What sizes does the CreaClip come in?
The CreaClip comes in two sizes. The smaller size is great for bangs and trimming men's and children's hair. The larger, curved size is great for long hair and layering. With both in the set you can create unlimited hairstyles. Please check our free instructional videos on our YouTube channel for the latest styles and techniques.

Q. Are only scissors recommended for use with the CreaClip?
You can also use trimmers for a easy safe use. Razors are also good for a textured look, just make sure to be careful when using razors with the CreaClip.

Q. Can I create layers and textured cuts?
Yes, one way to create texture is to point cut. You can also rotate the leveler to cut at angles and create body and layers within a haircut. We have other texturizing techniques and videos online!

Q. Does the CreaClip and your other products come with any guarantees?
Yes, the CreaClip comes with a 30-day full refund policy. It is also guaranteed against any manufacturing defects.

Q. How much is the CreaClip?
The cost is $29.99 for a set of two sizes:
1 x small CreaClip for short hair and bangs
1 x large curved CreaClip for long hair and layers

Q. What shipping method do you use?
For all USA orders: USPS
For UK & EUROPE orders: USPS First Class Mail International Package
For all other International orders: USPS First Class Mail International Package
All orders are scheduled to ship the following business day from the date you placed your order.

Q. What is the normal method of shipping you use?
Our primary methods of shipping are USPS Mail

Q. Once I place my order, when will it ship?
All orders are scheduled to ship the following day from the time you place your order. Please be considerate of this when you are calculating wether your package is on time.

Q. How much is shipping and how long will it take?
For all USA orders: $6.95 allow 3-7 business days for shipping. For international orders: $14.95 allow 7-15 business days for shipping.

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