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Original CreaClip Bangs & Scissors

$29.99 USD $34.99 USD

As Seen on Shark Tank!

Original CreaClip® & Scissors are designed to cut BANGS and BOB-HAIRSTYLES with ease. The professional hair cutting scissors cut clean and help preventing split ends. Do it yourself and maintain your bangs in-between haircuts or for the whole family.

Great for trimming any bangs, from straight across bangs to side bangs!


• 1 Small Original CreaClip - For short hair, bob hair cuts & bangs 

• 1 Professional Hair cutting Scissors for precise cuts

Features & Benefits:

• Save Time & Money

• Trim your Bangs at Home

• For Straight & Angled Bangs

• Cut Children's Hair

Rotating Level - For balanced & precise cuts every time

Teeth - Evenly combs & distributes the hair

Lock - Secures hair in place while you cut

Use the CreaClip once and you made back your investment! 

The average woman in the U.S visits the hair salon 7 times a year. Each visit costs an average of $60.

That’s a total of $420 you can instantly save, not including the hassle and time of driving to and from the salon.

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