NEW | Original CreaClip Medium

$34.99 USD

Original Medium Size CreaClip for FINE, THIN Hair, Bangs & Layering

This NEW Original Medium Sized CreaClip allows you to cut straight across, trim bangs & create layers while holding the hair tight in place while you cut fine thin hair.   


- 1 unit Medium Sized Yellow CreaClip

- 1 unit 6 inch Professional Stainless Steel Scissors 

- 1 written instructions 

- 1 custom eco friendly box with foam molding for storage

Features & Benefits:

- Creates same results as the large white Original CreaClip.

- Holds hair & adjusts to your thickness of hair allowing you to cut all at once.

- The teeth hold and grip the hair tighter & will not slip compared to the large white CreaClip. 

- Lock secures the hair in place while you cut freeing your hands to cut.

Product Weight & Measurements

- 1.2 Oz CreaClip weight

- 0.22  Scissors weight 

- 8.9 Oz Package weight 

Thank you for your feedback, we are happy to develop & dedicate this medium size CreaClip for our fine thin hair customers!

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