The Best DIY Home Hair cutting Tool 2018

Hair cutting tutorial with As Seen on Shark Tank CreaClip on how to cut your daughters hair at home with scissors. When cutting your hair at home it is hard to get it balanced so you keep cutting and cutting and before you know it you have cut it too short. When you follow the steps in this instructional video you will see how easy it is. It's that easy you can trim your own bangs, straight across bangs, and even side swept bangs. Perfect for straight across bangs you just make sure the level is in the middle then you just cut along the edge.

If you have straight hair you an just comb out any knots and tangles then Clip on the CreaClip and make sure the level is in the middle and cut! If you have curly hair all you have to do is straight your hair before cutting or let your hair dry naturally curly and you can just do the cut without brushing your hair.

Yes you can DIY with the latest 2018 hairstyles for women and children.  Save time and money for the whole family even your teens! You can layer medium length, or long layers and created many layered hairstyles. Also good for boys bangs too especially in front of their eyes. Makes trimming haircuts for female and male hairstyles easy at home.



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