How to Make Your Haircut Last Longer

How to Make Your Haircut Last Longer

Secrets from a Hair Stylist 

As a business owner and a mother, Aline Bender doesn’t have a lot of spare time, so she loves the way CreaClip makes hair care more simple and easy than ever. 

Aline first tried out the CreaClip 12 years ago, when company founder Mai Lieu cut her hair with it, but she’s continued to use it ever since because of the convenience it provides.

“Time is really important to me,” she explained. “Not having to commute and sit in someone’s chair for an hour or so and do the shampoo and the whole routine, that saves me time.” 

When cutting her own hair, Aline mostly uses the CreaClip to make her haircuts last longer, giving herself periodic trims to help maintain her layers. 

She also used it to give herself bangs. But when Aline started cutting her daughter’s hair too, she realized how much money the CreaClip could save her.

Saving Money When It’s Most Needed

“At the time, my daughter was six years old. So it was perfect for me to be able to cut her bangs and cut her hair, because I thought [a haircut] was such a waste of money. Especially living in Hawaii, a haircut there even for a child is at least $35, plus a tip, so like $40. So in one haircut, I was able to cover the cost of the CreaClip,” Aline said.

Thanks to the CreaClip, Aline and her daughter have gotten to try a wide variety of styles, all without paying for those expensive haircuts.

“I’ve trimmed her hair, done her bangs, cut the back, gave her layers, and did a straight cut,” Aline explained.

And when hair salons and barber shops shut down due to COVID-19, Aline even started using the CreaClip on her husband, thanks to some one-on-one help and instruction from Mai.


Being A CreaCliper Pays Off

That personalized element, along with the VIP Facebook group available to all CreaClipers, really sets the product apart in Aline’s mind. 

“It’s fun to see what other members have come up with themselves! The different usage, different hairstyles, and what they’ve created with it,” she said. “It gives me more confidence to be more adventurous and less scared of messing up if I go beyond what I think I know.” 

Even when she tries out a new or slightly more challenging style, Aline finds that the CreaClip provides her with a sense of control that she does not always get as a customer at a salon.

“Hair stylists more often than not can mess up, because they don’t listen to what you want. And so once you’ve done it for yourself, the cool part of it is, you can start with just half an inch and go from there,” she explained. “You have more control on the outcome of your haircut than if you were to go to a new hairstylist.”

Are You Ready to Cut Your Own Hair Like a Professional?

The CreaClip is a revolutionary home hair cutting tool that allows you to extend the time before you need to go to the salon. There has got to be a reason that Shark Tank, Home Shopping Network, Rachel Ray, and QVC are all fans! Purchase your CreaClip from our online store now.

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