One CreaClip, Many Hair Styles

One CreaClip, Many Hair Styles

From bangs to layers to a pixie cut, Anne Rivers credits CreaClip for helping her achieve all the hairstyles she’s wanted to try in the past two years.

Anne first discovered the CreaClip on YouTube, while looking for an easy way to cut her own bangs. She was nervous about cutting her hair for the first time, but felt drawn to the cost and convenience CreaClip offered. 

“I live in the mountains, and all hairdressers are spread out in more populated towns. Mine is 30 minutes away,” Anne explained. “Our hairdressers around here don’t trim bangs for free. It’s like $8-12, depending on who you go to, every time you have it done. So if my bangs are growing out every three weeks, I just didn’t want to be going to the hairdresser every three weeks.”


Anne’s first haircut using the CreaClip

Layers, Bangs, Something New, No Problem!

Once she realized how easily she could cut her hair with the CreaClip, Anne decided to branch out and try some new styles, like face framing layers and curtain bangs.

“As I got more used to cutting my own hair, I got a little bolder,” she said. “I didn’t have any problems, and the product worked exactly like they said it would.”


One of Anne’s favorite styles, a version of curtain bangs

After two years of cutting her hair with the CreaClip, Anne decided to make an even more drastic change. She wanted to stop dyeing her hair and cut it in a pixie cut while her natural hair color grew back out. Anne initially planned to enlist the help of her old hairdresser for this more complicated cut, but when the salons all shut down because of COVID-19, she decided to try it on her own.

Giving Yourself a Short Hair Cut at Home

“I gave myself a little bit of a shorter cut, I brought it from below my shoulders up to about chin length. And then after I had a couple of days of being used to that, I got bold enough to go ahead and do the pixie cut myself,” Anne explained. “That is a hard haircut to do by yourself. So it took a very long time, and I had to do it by feel in the back. But it all came out nice and even, and everybody gave me compliments on it.”


Anne’s pixie cut

As a firm believer in the money and time CreaClip can save people, Anne encourages any potential CreaClipers to overcome their nerves and try the product.

“It’s not a big deal, and if you mess your hair up, you won’t mess it up badly. You can fix it, and it will grow back out,” she said. “Follow Mai’s advice and start with very small amounts off. You can take more off, but if you hate what you’ve done to it you can’t put it back. You can play around with it, give yourself a few days to get used to what you’ve done to your hair, and then take more off if you want to!”


Are You Ready to Transform Your Hair?

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