How To Make Your Thin Hair Look Fabulous

How To Make Your Thin Hair Look Fabulous

Why is Naturally Thin Hair So Difficult to Work With?

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If you have thin hair, then you’ve probably tried many products and hairstyles that promised volume, hair growth and more, but didn’t give you the results you were looking for.

That’s because thin hair comes with many unique challenges, and not all hairstylists or haircare brands know how to address them.

Beyond just lacking volume, thin hair also tends to get greasy quickly, tangle easily and resist the effects of curling irons and other styling tools. Plus, thin hair often grows back more slowly, so tangles and hair fallout are an even bigger issue than they might be for other hair types.


The Best Ways to Address Thin Hair Challenges

There are plenty of products that promise to fix your thin hair challenges, and since the market is so full, it can feel overwhelming to try to find a place to start.

There are styling products, shampoos and conditioners that give the appearance of fuller, more voluminous hair, but there are also treatments and supplements that are supposed to help your hair grow thicker. 

Since everyone’s hair is different, it can be tough to find the perfect product that gives you the results you’re looking for, and that trial and error process can get expensive quickly!

If you’re struggling to find products that work, or you don’t want to spend the time and money testing out new treatments, you may want to consider focusing instead on finding the right haircut. A great haircut can make your hair seem thicker and fuller, while also keeping your hair healthy so that it can grow more quickly.

The Advantages of Cutting Thin Hair with the CreaClip

Instead of going to a traditional stylist, consider cutting your hair with the CreaClip to save time and money while getting the best results.

Since split ends and other signs of damage are often especially noticeable on people with thin hair, frequent haircuts are one of the most important ways to keep thin hair looking great. But regular visits to a hair salon can get expensive, not to mention inconvenient, so the CreaClip is a great, cost-effective solution. 


Whether you’re looking to try a completely new style, or just make your haircut last longer, you can get the Original CreaClip for a one-time fee of $39.99. This is cheaper than the average price of a woman’s haircut in America, so the more times you use the clip, the more money you save!

On top of saving time and money, using the CreaClip also allows you to take control of your hairstyle and avoid the stress that comes with a bad haircut. And every purchase of a CreaClip comes with access to the private, VIP Facebook group, live demos and styling inspiration from Mai and other CreaClipers, which helps ensure that you get a great haircut every time! 


The Best Haircuts to Make Thin Hair Appear Thicker

When trying out a new style that will make your thin hair look great, you may want to consider keeping your hair shorter. This helps prevent your hair from falling flat or looking unhealthy, plus these styles are easy to work with so you won’t have to spend too much time styling your hair each day.

Whether you want to try an A-Line Bob, a Blunt Cut Bob or even a Pixie Cut, the CreaClip makes it easy to achieve and maintain the perfect style. 

You can find step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial for each of these styles here.

If you want to keep your hair longer, you may want to try adding some long, face framing layers. This style will give your hair more body without cutting too much off.

To create long layers with the CreaClip, simply gather your hair like you would if you were pulling it into a ponytail, clip the CreaClip over your hair, make sure the bubble in the center of the clip is level, and slide the clip down to the desired length.

If your hair is too thin to hold the large CreaClip in place, you may have to hold onto it with one hand while you cut, or you can try using the smaller, blue CreaClip instead. 

You can either trim straight across or use point cutting, a technique where you hold the scissors perpendicular to the hair and cut in small, angled snips to add some extra texture. Whichever technique you use, you’ll have a beautiful, even haircut with face framing layers.

How to Keep Your Thin Hair Healthy 

When you don’t have as much hair to begin with, it’s especially important to keep your hair healthy and avoid split ends.

It may seem counterintuitive to cut your hair often when you’re trying to help it grow, but this is actually one of the most important things you can do for your hair. Thin hair gets split ends especially easily, and if left unchecked, those ends will split further, meaning that eventually you’ll have to cut off even more hair to stop the damage. Frequent trims can keep this from happening, allowing your hair to stay healthy and keep growing.

The CreaClip Prep Spray is another great secret for keeping thin hair healthy. It’s a leave-in conditioner that’s lightweight enough for daily use, but nourishing enough to help get rid of tangles in your hair. It also contains nutrients like Provitamin B5 and protein that will help your hair grow shinier and stronger. 


Take Back Control of Your Hair with CreaClip

You know your own hair better than anyone, so as long as you have the right tools, there’s no one better to create an amazing hairstyle that will work for you! Purchase one of the Original CreaClip products today to get started!

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