The Original CreaClip vs Knockoffs

The Original CreaClip vs Knockoffs

 Are CreaClip KnockOffs Any Good?

Every great product leads to people creating cheap knockoffs, including the CreaClip. CreaClip knockoffs may save you a few dollars, but they leave most buyers disappointed.

We’ve had many individuals reach out to us because they purchased a knockoff and it broke, or it didn’t give them the desired results when they cut their hair.

Purchasing the Original CreaClip is the only way to ensure you get the best quality product from a company that cares.

Don’t Risk It with a Fake CreaClip

If you’re interested in the CreaClip, then you’re probably someone who understands the value of a good haircut and wants to get the best results possible without having to rely on a hairstylist. You know that your hair is too important to risk it with a cheaply made product!

Since CreaClip knockoffs are made of cheap plastic, they tend to break easily. Plus, they weren’t designed by an experienced hair stylist, so they don’t work as well. 

Aside from the quality, here are some other key reasons to buy the Original CreaClip:


“When you purchase the Original, you’re supporting the company that developed it and did all the hard work. You’re supporting the company behind the idea, not the criminals that copy,” Mai Lieu, inventor of the CreaClip.

How to Identify a Knockoff

Fortunately, CreaClip knockoffs, which may be found on any website other than the official CreaClip shop, are easy to spot if you know what to look for. 

The official CreaClip includes:

  • The full-sized white clip
  • A smaller turquoise-colored one
  • and both have the CreaClip logo on them. 

Knockoffs often come in pink or darker blue, and they don’t have the logo.


Additionally, CreaClip knockoffs are typically made of thinner, cheaper plastic. This helps explain why they cost less, but it also makes them breakable and harder to work with. 

Websites like Amazon have started to crack down on knockoff products and remove them from their platforms, but the best way to ensure that you’re buying the Original is still to order from our official website.

Don’t Risk A Bad Hair Cut When You Don’t Have To

Set yourself up for success by purchasing one of the Original CreaClip products now. You’ll receive a quality product and have access to our VIP Facebook Group.

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