Important CreaClip Tips

Important CreaClip Tips
Whatever job you have, you always need the right tools to do it correctly. Imagine building a house with a rock, how much more time, and the results you would create with the wrong tool. As for haircutting, it is most important that you have sharp haircutting scissors. DO NOT skimp on supplies. If you cut with non-haircutting scissors it will look like your kids cut each others hair and you will get split ends if you cut with dull scissors. Its good test the scissors for sharpness if it can cut a piece of thread. Our CreaClip professional scissors are worth over $50 and you can not get them at CVS or any stores they are only available through us online. We offer them for only $10 extra when you buy the CreaClip set and scissors package!
Important CreaClip Tips
#1. Use the right tools, you need haircutting scissors, brush, CreaClip, CreaClip Pre-Spray
#2. Learn by watching our tutorials first!
If it’s your first time, I would recommend starting with trimming your bangs! 
#3 Cut a little at a time. 
You can always go back and cut more if you need. Plus the hair only grows 1/2 inch a month so you just need to trim a little! Once you have done it a few times then cut more.

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