Three Celebrity Haircuts You Can Recreate at Home

Three Celebrity Haircuts You Can Recreate at Home


Get Celebrity-Caliber Hair at a Fraction of the Cost

When it comes to great hairstyles, no one seems to have it down quite like our favorite celebrities. But following the trends can get expensive, and that’s why the Original CreaClip is such a great investment. For just $39.99, you can try out every style imaginable, all without leaving your house!

If you’re not sure where to start, consider a haircut inspired by one of these three celebrities. They all look great on a variety of hair types and face shapes, and the CreaClip makes them easy to achieve.

Khloe Kardashian’s Blunt Cut Bob

Khloe Kardashian recently became one of the latest celebrities to rock this classic style, and with the help of the Original CreaClip, you can try it too! This gorgeous, single-length style will make even thin hair look healthy and voluminous.


To cut a blunt bob haircut: 

  • Gather your hair like you’re about to pull it into a ponytail and clip the CreaClip over it.
  • Slide the clip down to the desired length. Khloe’s style falls just above the shoulders, but try cutting it a little longer at first, you can always trim more off later!
  • Trim straight across and release the CreaClip.
  • Gather half of your hair on the left side of your head, secure it with the CreaClip, and trim the pieces in the middle to the same length as the front and back pieces. Repeat on the right side of your head.

Camila Cabello’s Curtain Bangs

Though they were once a style that seemed straight out of the 70s, Camila Cabello’s signature curtain bangs have been making a comeback. They’re much less drastic than blunt cut bangs and can be flattering on many different hair types and face shapes. And thanks to the CreaClip, they’re easier than ever to achieve!


To cut curtain bangs:

  • Gather the front pieces of your hair in the CreaClip and flip the CreaClip over 180 degrees to create a twist.
  • Slide the clip down to the desired length. Camila’s typically fall around eyebrow length, but it’s best to start by cutting them long and then trimming off more later.
  • Angle the scissors perpendicular to your hair and snip at an angle to create texture.
  • Release the CreaClip and part your bangs in the middle.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Long Layers

Gwyneth Paltrow made headlines earlier this year for embracing her naturally gray roots at the Golden Globes. But no matter what color you’re sporting, Gwyneth’s long, straight layers are a great option if you have thinner hair but still want to keep some length. Better yet, they’re one of the easiest styles to cut with the CreaClip!


To cut long layers:

  • Gather your hair like you’re about to pull it into a ponytail, and then clip the CreaClip over it and slide it down to the desired length.
  • Trim straight across or use point cutting (holding the scissors perpendicular to the hair and cutting in small, angled snips).
  • Release the CreaClip to reveal long, even layers that frame the face and add volume to your hair. 

Unlock Unlimited Styles with the Original CreaClip

Order yours today to start achieving your dream hair, and you’ll also get access to our private, VIP Facebook group, live demos and styling inspiration from other CreaClipers.


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