How To Cut Your Hair At Home When You Can't Get To The Salon

How To Cut Your Hair At Home When You Can't Get To The Salon


How Often Should I Cut My Hair? 

It may seem like letting a few extra weeks or months pass between haircuts is no big deal, but regular trims are actually so important for the health of your hair. Since damage typically starts at the ends and moves up the shafts, trimming your hair can prevent split ends or heat damage from spreading. This also allows your hair to keep growing, so even if you’re trying to get longer hair, trims are still important! 

Depending on your haircut and texture, you may need to get your hair trimmed or cut as often as every four to six weeks. But most of us are busy, and it can be tough to carve out time for regular trips to the salon.


Luckily, CreaClip has a solution that can keep your hair looking great even when you don’t have time for an appointment. When you use the Original CreaClip, you can get salon-quality results without ever having to leave your house.


        How to Trim Your Own Hair 

        If you’re just looking to trim the ends of your hair without taking much length off or adding new layers, the CreaClip makes it extremely easy:

        • Gather your hair as if you’re going to put it in a ponytail
        • Clip the CreaClip across it and slowly slide the clip down to the length you want to trim it to
        • Take your haircutting shears and cut right where the CreaClip stops. You can either trim straight across (holding the scissors at a 90% angle to your hair), or you can add texture by point cutting (holding the scissors perpendicular to the hair and cutting with small, angled snips).

        If you already have defined layers that you want to maintain, you’ll want to cut your hair in sections and trim the same length off of each section to maintain the layered look. If a layer is too thin to stay in the large CreaClip, try using the smaller blue clip, which is perfect for bangs or thinner sections of hair. 

        If you have a shorter, pixie-style cut, you’ll probably need to trim your hair every four to six weeks to maintain it. You can use the smaller, blue CreaClip to divide your hair into a top and bottom layer. Gather the top layer with the clip and trim the tips, then do the same with the bottom layer. Remember, you’ll probably only want to trim off a tiny amount, since even a little bit of length makes a big difference in shorter hairstyles.


        Easy, At-Home Hairstyles to Try

        There’s no limit to the number of styles you can create with the CreaClip, but if you’re just starting out and are looking for some inspiration, here are a few of our favorite ideas:

        1. Long Layers: This style is great for many different hair types. It can add body and volume for thin hair, but will also add some bounce for thicker, coarser hair. Plus, it’s one of the easiest cuts to do with the CreaClip!

        To cut long layers, you should gather all of your hair like you would if you were pulling it into a ponytail, clip the CreaClip in place, and then slide the clip down to the desired length. Make sure the bubble in the center of the Clip is level to ensure that your haircut turns out even. Then cut straight across and you’ll end up with some gentle, face framing layers. 

        2. Blunt Bangs: If you’re looking for a fun, new style that’s easy to create yourself, blunt (straight across) bangs might be a great option! These work especially well on people with oval-shaped faces.
        To cut blunt bangs, gather the front pieces of your hair with the small, blue CreaClip. The general rule of thumb is to have the bangs fall around eyebrow length, but you can cut them slightly longer or shorter if you prefer. Once you slide the CreaClip down to the desired length, all you have to do is cut straight across those pieces.
        3. Blunt Lob: A lob, also known as a long bob, is a great style to try if you have thinner hair and want to add some volume. 
        To cut a blunt lob, gather half of your hair on the left side of your head with the CreaClip, and trim the pieces in the middle to the same length as the front and back pieces. Then gather the other half of your hair on the right side and repeat the same steps to end up with an even, single-length style.


        There Are So Many Benefits to the CreaClip!

        Save time and money by purchasing the original CreaClip today. You’ll also gain access to our private, VIP Facebook group, live demos and styling inspiration from other CreaClipers.

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