CreaClip Prep Spray

$14.99 USD

Coconut Daily Prep Spray | Leave-in Conditioner

Essential for CreaClip hair cuts & beautiful healthy hair


Our CreaClip Prep Spray is a lightweight, oil-free detangler that invisibly smooths away tangles while helping to prepare your hair for easy CreaClip cuts. 

This nutrient-rich leave-in conditioner soothes the scalp, reveals texture, enhances the performance of styling products and refreshes already styled hair.

Its low pH causes the cuticle to lay flatter, making hair behave better, longer. Its nourishing mix of nutrients includes Provitamin B5 & Protein to promote healthy, shining hair.

- Made in USA

- Made with 90% Organic Ingredients

- Nourishes hair with 

- Paraben Free & Sulfate Free

- Not Tested on Animals

- 4 oz Spray Bottle

How to use:

Spray evenly on hair right before using the CreaClips to seal & close the cuticles of your hair. Never worry again about protecting your hair while cutting dry and split ends.

Great as a daily treatment to keep your hair nourished & healthy. As a bonus, it can also be used to re-style dry hair!

Use the CreaClip once and you made back your investment! 

The average woman in the U.S visits the hair salon 7 times a year. Each visit costs an average of $60.

That’s a total of $420 you can instantly save, not including the hassle and time of driving to and from the salon.

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