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Bought around 2010/2011 U.K

I bought this product back around 2010/2011, I've been using it to cut my daughters hair from 3 years old to present (16yrs) & also to cut my own hair too... neither of us has been to an actual hairdresser ever since I purchased my CreaClips.... I honestly recommend to others to get.... Yes it takes abit of practice but as the saying goes 'Practice makes perfect" to this day my Clips are still in really good condition.....

Kay Cude

The long-hair clip does not grip the hair as per suggested on CreaClip's podcast; and after many failed tries, and upon inspecting the clip, it is revealed that when snapped closed, the teeth on the closure side "somewhat" meet whereas the teeth on the hinge side do not--there is a noticeable gap due to a twist in the plastic and a poorly constructed hinge casing. Therefore the clip cannot seat properly or tightly; and that makes it an unsuitable tool for fine shoulder length hair. In summary, if the long-hair clip was made of sturdy plastic that could not twist, had longer teeth, a tightly fitting locking snap, and a hinge that was completely secured in a proper fitting, this product would be worthy of purchase.

Needs 2 people

I'm not a pro hair cutter but definitely need two people to cut your own hair especially, if you have thick long hair. The white clip doesn't hold as tightly as the blue clip. I did my hair and it turned out pretty good. For the price though it's not worth it. I think it should be more like $15.

lLiping Ye
it is not super easy to use

My honest feedback about this product:First of all it didn't come with any instruction in terms of how to use it, so I was clueless! After all this was my precious hair so I would want very specific instructions, so I hope the person who came up with this idea can work on adding specific instructions to this product!!!Then I went to YouTube it and researched on how to use it, and applied what I learned to cutting my own hair, and it was a disaster, they were all out of alignment, I ended up wasting 6 inches of my hair! it could be that I am just very bad at this, but I imagine that most people are not good at cutting their own hair lol!BUT my friend loves this product because she has her husband cut her hair using this product and the result is beautiful! SO, I think this is a great product for having someone else cutting your hair at home as opposed to cutting them on your own, Unless you are good at using tools to cut your own hair.

Middleweight Champ mom
Not what I expected

Definitely not an easy self cutting project and Im handy in general with beauty products. I returned after several failed attempts to cut the back length of my long hair.

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