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As Seen on Shark Tank! Imagine saving $400 a year on DIY haircuts! Get balanced cuts & trims every time... Read More

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no more waiting on hair salon

Jessica Khayat
Easy self hair cutting tool for long layered a hairstyle.

I ordered the Crea cut haircut tool for myself, to cut my own hair. The great thing I found was that my hair had gotten so long I could afford to cut layers without worrying about making a mistake. I watched plenty of videos online and one day I felt brave enough to cut my own layers using “Original Creacut’s hair clip set hair cutting tool”. This haircutting tool gave me the confidence to continue cutting my layered hairstyle. For a moment I thought I cut my hair too short, when I saw so much hair in my sink, after cutting my hair, upside down like -the videos instructed. Not so! when I flipped my hair right side up my hair just fell into a very well layered haircut. Then,I just gathered the hair clippings with a paper towel and threw my cut hair clippings in the garbage, so I wouldntclog up my sink drain…I was very grateful to have found this self hair cutting tool on! Thank you!

Rhonda trevor
How to use!

Like that I can cut hair confidently if need, too!

What I expected

This is exactly what I expected. It came with 2, a blue and white one. It cut my hair how I wanted. I did go back and trim a little more after this picture but the fact my hair was not uneven is what surprised me. It stayed on my hair as I cut it also. It iseasy to clean with water and I believe will last for years.

Good buy

I like this. It did help me trim hair better but wish it would lock in place better

17 Years CreaClip & over 350,000 happy customers world wide!

side bangs

Cut your hair at home and save time and money.

We promise salon quality results. For easy and precise cuts every time.

Choose the Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

For All Types of Hair.

Whether your hair is thick, thin, long, curly, or straight, you can create perfect layers and trims in up to 60 seconds.

Clip, Slide, Cut.

3 simple steps to salon-quality results. Perfect every time!

Mai Lieu - Celebrity Stylist - inventor


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