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First tie the rest of your hair backward. This will automatically separate your bangs from the rest of the hair making it easy to gather the bangs. Clip the small blue CreaClip on the hair with the level on top. Using a mirror, wait to see if the bubble moves to the middle. If you need to tilt slightly so the bubble can move to the middle, tilt. Once it’s in the middle, slide down until there’s 1/2 inches left at the end. Do this a few times to just comb the hair in place! Next, once you get it ready to cut, you’ll now want to use our CreaClip Coconut Prep-Spray! This will close the cuticle and protect the hair while you’re cutting the dry hair for best results! It will also continue to nourish the hair, and this is important because it makes your hair look healthy and shiny! Now, you are ready to trim. Trim 1/2 inches or just the tips of your bangs. I recommend using vertical snips we call point cutting. please watch our videos to show you the different ways of cutting. When you use vertical snips, it creates a softer effect for bangs! You only use the horizontal cut when you want straight across solid bangs. I want to blunt solid bangs, try cutting with a trimmer! This creates a more dramatic look! If you want to just texturize your bangs, slide the CreaClip up and just trim the top, this will layer and give softness to the bangs! Once you master these techniques, you can then move on to our more advanced cuts!!

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