Why is it important to trim your hair?

Why is it important to trim your hair?
Everyone at one point has neglected their hair and ended up with split ends. This is the primary reason for trimming. If your hair hasn’t been cut for a while, it will start to get damaged and split, and if you neglect it even more, it will begin to slip up higher and higher, and your long hair will start to look damaged and frizzy with flyaways, and then it’ll be too late for you because you would have to cut it all off. Whereas, if you catch it early, you just need to trim the ends. That will prevent it from splitting up. You also want to use my CreaClip Coconut Prep-Spray, it’s all natural, with provitamin B5 that conditions your hair on a daily basis and works well with trimming your hair while it’s dry! For those of you who want your hair long, and think that not cutting it will make it longer? You are mistaken, because you’re risking it towards getting split ends, and you would have to go back and cut more off to get rid of them. All of this can be prevented by maintaining trims every 2 months!

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